La Inmaculada Credit Union

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Credit Unions are well known for guaranteeing the lowest interest rates on loans & highest rates on savings. Find out more...

About Us

La Inmaculada Credit Union Ltd. was registered on June 5, 1949. Approximately, 12 members began this unique financial institution amidst an atmosphere of colonial rule and the struggle against it.

LICU - Mission Statement La Inmaculada Credit Union Limited is a unique, democratic and cooperative financial institution comprised of visionary shareholders who are pooling resources to achieve economic and social well-being by empowering...

3 Reasons to Join

  • Ownership - Become a member/shareholder and enjoy equally the many benefits such as profit sharing.
  • Services - Incomparable interest rates on loans, attractive dividends, discounted insurance premiums & cheaper charges for legal instruments.
  • Low Credit - Our fixed interest rate on loans, for whatever amount and purpose, is 1% per month on unpaid balance (APR averages from 7% to 9%)


POS Service

September 6, 2012

LICU's debit cards are accepted at all Heritage bank POS locations countrywide click here to view locations.

2012 Saturday Opening Dates

August 2012

To find out which Saturday LICU will be open for the year 2012, click here